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Server-Based Sieve

  • Archiveopteryx is an IMAP and SMTP Server with Sieve support on IMAP level.
  • Citadel is a tightly integrated, easy to install, open source groupware platform. Sieve support began with version 7.00 of the system. Normal users can have Sieve scripts auto-generated when they use a web-based rules editor. Advanced users can compose their own Sieve scripts and enter them using the web interface or the managesieve protocol.
  • DBMail is adding support for Sieve and ManageSieve.
  • Dovecot has a plugin that adds support for the Sieve language to its local delivery agent. For Dovecot versions before v1.2, this plugin was based on the CMU Cyrus Sieve suite. As per Dovecot v1.2, a rewritten implementation of the plugin is provided. It is part of the Pigeonhole project, which also provides native ManageSieve protocol support for Dovecot.
  • Exim v4 has support for Sieve scripts.
  • Isode M-Box includes support for Sieve, which is thread safe version of Cyrus Sieve. ManageSieve has been implemented as part of the Isode M-Box suite.
  • Apache JAMES project can use the JSieve component. JSieve is a language processor that can also be plugged into any internet mail application to add Sieve support.
  • mvmf is a delivery agent currently in use, and still under active development. Its scripting language includes an embedded Sieve implementation.
  • Rockliffe Mailsite v5 supports server, domain and mailbox level Sieve filtering with a rule based windows GUI, and a slightly limited web based GUI. A trial version can be downloaded from the web site.
  • Vircom's modus line of email and front-end servers uses a Sieve engine.