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Sever-Based Sieve

  • Citadel is a tightly integrated, easy to install, open source groupware platform. Sieve support began with version 7.00 of the system. Normal users can have Sieve scripts auto-generated when they use a web-based rules editor. Advanced users can compose their own Sieve scripts and enter them using the web interface or the managesieve protocol.
  • DBMail is adding support for Sieve and ManageSieve.
  • Exim v4 has support for Sieve scripts.
  • Isode M-Box includes support for Sieve, which is thread safe version of Cyrus Sieve. ManageSieve has been implemented as part of the Isode M-Box suite.
  • Apache JAMES project can use the JSieve component. JSieve is a language processor that can also be plugged into any internet mail application to add Sieve support.
  • mvmf is a delivery agent currently in use, and still under active development. Its scripting language includes an embedded Sieve implementation.
  • Rockliffe Mailsite v5 supports server, domain and mailbox level Sieve filtering with a rule based windows GUI, and a slightly limited web based GUI. A trial version can be downloaded from the web site.
  • Vircom's modus line of email and front-end servers uses a Sieve engine.