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Sieve Implementations

This space is intended to be a single-stop listing of all announced available Sieve implementations, or pre-announcements of any work in progress as made by any individual, organization, or company.

Other implementations might be underway for commercial and/or proprietary products by a number of companies. Check the mailing list archives for details, questions, or hints based on the participants' comments.

Sever-Based Sieve

  • Isode M-Box includes support for Sieve, which is thread safe version of Cyrus Sieve. MANAGESIEVE has been implemented as part of the Isode M-Box suite.
  • Rockliffe Mailsite v5 supports server, domain and mailbox level Sieve filtering with a rule based windows GUI, and a slightly limited web based GUI. A trial version can be downloaded from the web site.
  • Exim v4 has support for Sieve scripts.
  • DBMail is adding support for Sieve and ManageSieve.
  • mvmf is a delivery agent currently in use, and still under active development. Its scripting language includes an embedded Sieve implementation.

Client-based SIEVE script editing, ManageSieve script handling

Desktop Clients

  • Mulberry is a Cross-Platform Mail / Contacts / Calendar Client that supports Sieve script generation and upload via ManageSieve.
  • kio_sieve manages mail filtering Sieve scripts remotely in KDE, via ManageSieve.
  • gsieve manages Sieve scripts for the GNOME Desktop, via ManageSieve.
  • Polymer is an IMAP client that supports ManageSieve.

Web-Based Clients

  • websieve perl/cgi web module for creating scripts from Alain Turbide.
  • Ingo is a mail filtering manager, supporting Sieve, procmail, and IMAP filters. (Part of the Horde framework).
  • avelsieve is a user-friendly SIEVE mail filter plugin for Squirrelmail.
  • Smartsieve is a web based graphical user interface for creating and managing sieve scripts on a cyrus imap mail server.

Sieve Libraries and Classes

Sieve (The Language Itself)

  • libSieve implements the Sieve mail sorting language, per RFC 3028. LibSieve was based on the Cyrus Imapd project, but offers a standalone library that other projects can use.

ManageSieve (The Transport Protocol for Script Management)

  • PEAR's Net_Sieve is another PHP ManageSieve class that is bundled in PHP's PEAR.

Sieve Extension Support

A list of supported extensions by product is available at Fastmail.FM wiki's Sieve Extension Support Matrix.