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 ====== Examples ====== ====== Examples ======
-Please send us examples scripts to include on this page, or directly edit this page and enter scripts that other people might find useful.+You can edit this page and provide example scripts that other people might find useful.
 ====== Links to Pages with Example Sieve Scripts ====== ====== Links to Pages with Example Sieve Scripts ======
-The Fastmail Wiki has some pages with example Sieve code:¬†+The Wikipedia article on Sieve has an example Sieve script:
- +
-  * http://wiki.fastmail.fm/index.php/SieveExamples¬†+
-  * http://wiki.fastmail.fm/index.php/MoreSieveExamples+
 +  * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sieve_%28mail_filtering_language%29#Example
 +A Sieve tutorial with many examples:
 +  * http://www.tty1.net/blog/2011-07-16-sieve-tutorial_en.html