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-  Philip wrote: Ned (re)objected to the requirement that scripts be in UTF-8, or at least that all the strings and "text:"  blocks in them be in UTF-8.  His point is valid: a vacation action using :mime (for example) may be text in some random charset that doesn't match the UTF-8 syntax. +Version -13 was approved for publication!!!
-  - (Aaron) clarify behavior of "redirect" +
-  - (Michael) Clarify that multiple tagged arguments with the same tag are not allowed +
- +
-Closed issues: +
-  - Change references to "en;ascii-casemap" comparator back to "i;ascii-casemap". [fixed] +
-  - (Ned) All envelope tests on null MAIL FROM result in empty string being tested [fixed] +
-  - (Ned) Envelope tests on illegal MAIL FROM (non)addresses should never match [fixed] +
-  - Fix IANA template for Sieve extensions [fixed] +
-  - Clarify how "undefined" result from comparators is handled in Sieve [fixed] +
-    - Should it be handled as runtime error? +
-    - Should it be handled as no-match? In the future we can add :undefined MATCH type to distinguish it from no-match. Arnt suggested: +
-     In Sieve, all matches are either true and false.  Accordingly, Sieve servers MUST treat "undefined" and "no-match" results of the equality and substring operations as false, and only "match" as true. +