This is an old revision of the document!

  1. Change references to “en;ascii-casemap” comparator back to “i;ascii-casemap”.
  2. (Ned) Envelope tests on null MAIL FROM
    • “I'd be in favor of having a null MAIL FORM result in an empty string being tested regardless of which ADDRESS-PART is specified.”
  3. (Ned) Envelope tests on illegal MAIL FROM (non)addresses
    • Should never match
  4. Philip wrote: Ned (re)objected to the requirement that scripts be in UTF-8, or at least that all the strings and “text:” blocks in them be in UTF-8. His point is valid: a vacation action using :mime (for example) may be text in some random charset that doesn't match the UTF-8 syntax.
  5. Fix IANA template for Sieve extensions
  6. Clarify how “undefined” result from comparators is handled in Sieve
    1. Should it be handled as runtime error?
    2. Should it be handled as no-match? In the future we can add :undefined MATCH type to distinguish it from no-match. Arnt suggested:

In Sieve, all matches are either true and false. Accordingly, Sieve servers MUST treat “undefined” and “no-match” results of the equality and substring operations as false, and only “match” as true.