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Contributing to is a wiki site. It can be edited by anyone who wishes to provide information, documents, tutorials and links to other resources.


In order to avoid content spamming, registration is required. The account registration only requires a valid email address, which is used to retrieve the password. Please register a new account at the address: . (Note that sometimes the e-mail that is dispatched can be marked as spam by some providers, so check your Junk folder).

Editing Content

After you log in, you can edit pages at will; click the “Edit Page” link on the footer of each page.

The ability to create pages is locked to designated editors. If you would like to create a new page, please e-mail the site administrator at

Thank you in advance for your contribution to Sieve.Info!

Syntax is using Dokuwiki. The text editor provides a toolbar with common operations. Additionally you can read a manual about the DokuWiki syntax.