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Desktop Clients

  • Mulberry is a Cross-platform Mail / Contacts / Calendar Client that supports Sieve script generation and upload via ManageSieve.
  • Polymer (TRAC site) is an email client (IMAP, Lemonade, ACAP, Submission, …) that also supports ManageSieve.
  • kio_sieve manages mail filtering Sieve scripts remotely in KDE, via ManageSieve.
  • gsieve manages Sieve scripts for the GNOME Desktop, via ManageSieve.

Web-Based Clients

  • websieve perl/cgi web module for creating scripts from Alain Turbide.
  • Ingo is a mail filtering manager, supporting Sieve, procmail, and IMAP filters. (Part of the Horde framework).
  • avelsieve is a user-friendly SIEVE mail filter plugin for Squirrelmail.
  • Smartsieve is a web based graphical user interface for creating and managing sieve scripts on a cyrus imap mail server.

Command-Line Clients

  • Cyrus IMAP comes with the sieveshell client for ManageSieve
  • sieve-connect is a Perl sieveshell-compatible ManageSieve client intended both for scripting and interactive use; supports TLS, certificate-based authentication support and tab-completion.